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Frequently Asked Questions

All tracks - included stems, loops and alternative versions come in both high quality MP3 (320kbps) and high resolution WAV files (48khz - 24bit).
Some tracks on the website include stem packs. These are great for refining the editing of the music to your project. Each stem is the full length track of each instrument. This makes it incredibly easy to create loops.
Some tracks on the website come with loop packs. Each loop pack will consist of various loop lengths. These lengths are normally 15s, 30s, and 60s versions of the original track. These can be great for creating various edits for different uses. For example, creating a full length trailer for theatrical use, then shorter 60s versions for online or shorter 30s/15s edits for TV.
Alternate versions are similar to loops, however, these edits may have certain elements removed. For example, if the main track features a vocal line, the alternate version may have the vocals removed (a backing track). Again, this is to make your life easy when editing the music to the project.
We upload our tracks with metadata attached in the form of moods, genres, keywords, tempo and instruments. You will find these options on the music store page and can use these to refine your search to find the perfect track for your media production. You can also type in a keyword in the search bar at the top of the music page.
Our pricing can be found on the HERE. We offer licensing options for independent film and trailer use, TV use, radio use, corporate use and personal use, as well as online, all media, worldwide territory and in perpetuity options. As well as offering easily accessible licensing for direct purchasing, we also offer custom scoring options, custom licensing options etc. If you need a license type that is not covered by our set licenses you can contact us directly and we will get a licensing supervisor to assist you right away. For full and detailed licensing information please visit our page HERE
Of course. Once purchasing a track using one of our set licenses, you will receive a digital copy of your license containing all of the details of usage, terms, territory etc.
Simply contact us with your purchase number and we will email you your copy of license and tracks. Also, will add this to your account for you to access it at any point online in the future.
Note: You can use your credit or debit card to pay for your tracks via PayPal and will not need a PayPal account to complete the checkout.

We can also arrange payment for tracks offline via a bank transfer. However, you will not gain access to download your tracks until the payment has cleared. When payment is cleared you will receive links to download your files and a copy of your chosen license agreement. We recommend backing up the files as your link will expire after three months. We also recommend signing up for an account on our website as you will have unlimited access to your files if you purchase via our store.
Yes... this is surely annoying and we truly apologise if our music store is inaccessible. However, we strive to keep our site live 24/7 all year round and any problems will usually be rectified within minutes. This is why we recommend checking the store after 10 minutes before contacting us, we might simply be updating the site.